Energy Archetype Quiz

I took an amazing quiz and I received the following Energy Archetype: I am my own experiment; I am my own work of art.  – Madonna Artistic and deeply committed to self-expression (although not limited to traditionally ‘artistic’ fields – they can manifest their unique perspective in anything they do, whether writing, programming or dog… Continue reading Energy Archetype Quiz

Moon Magick & Women’s Cycle

The moon (“Luna” in Latin) is the only natural satellite of the earth. It orbits around the earth establishing the lunar month and during this period it passes through all its phases. Transformations of the lunar body which we see in the sky are the result of the angle that the moon creates with the… Continue reading Moon Magick & Women’s Cycle

Asmodel: A Controversial Archangel

ALURA’S ANGELS Divine loving light to you the reader… This page is on Angel Asmodel. Angel Asmodel, is quite a  controversial being.. Some claim he is a fallen angel, and some that he is not.  It is truly staggering in thought, that these are people who say that they channel, yet they all come up… Continue reading Asmodel: A Controversial Archangel

Breathing out, I smile.

Breathing out, I smile. July 29, 2016 Kelly Elle from Sacred Seed had made a video about a month ago about how she used prayer or mala beads:  I had been meaning to do a response video and while using my beads this morning for the first time in awhile I decided to dig… Continue reading Breathing out, I smile.

Black Moon Ritual for Clearing and Manifesting September 2016

Black Moon Ritual for Clearing and Manifesting September 2016 by Tanaaz The New Moon falls in the sign of Libra on September 30th (Black Moon) or October 1st, 2016 depending where in the world you live. Even though only part of the world is going to experience a Black Moon, the energy of this time is still… Continue reading Black Moon Ritual for Clearing and Manifesting September 2016

Some awesome Witchy Resources (Part 1)

I found these resources from various blogs and decided to share ’em with y’all! Classic witch texts, including Margaret Murry’s  The Witch Cult in Western Europe : Biographies of famous witches, from folkloric sources through contemporary times: By feminist scholar Max Dashu: Hunting for Witches in the Family Tree is a commercial and commercialized site,… Continue reading Some awesome Witchy Resources (Part 1)

What Is Dianic Tradition

Dianic rituals celebrate the mythic cycle of the Goddess within the earth’s seasonal cycles of birth, death, and regeneration, and as Her cycle reflects women’s own life-cycle transitions. Principles Dianic tradition is based on a goddess-centered cosmology and the primacy of She who is all and whole unto Herself. Dianic tradition draws inspiration from the goddesses… Continue reading What Is Dianic Tradition