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a sip from the elixir of a Pagan’s Heart

A heart of a Pagan is very powerful and open to mystical wonders of this universe. So why didn’t I name this blog as such ? Why did I call it ‘Heart of the dragon’?
Well, to be frank, this name seems to be automatically channeled and latched on to me since then. It’s as if this is meant to be…..it’s the perfect name for this blog, an abode for all the pagan hearts out there.

Well myth has it that we are born from a fairy and a dragon. So there are thousands of myths, what’s so special about this one? For a fact, it rings closely to innate beliefs of all us pagans that “Magic is Real” and “Magic is Within All Of Us”.  To know we’re born out of magic and into the magic we submerge is in itself a fantastical idea. But for us it doesn’t end as an idea. This idea is a seed for all our experiences and journeys, into a world BEYOND.

*Dragons are varied:
French, Chinese (loong), Malay (Naga), Japanese (Ryu), Khmer(Neak), Korean (Yong, Imoogi, Gyo), Philippine (Bakunawa) and Vietnamese (Rong), Catalan (drac), Sardinian (Scultone)

just like Pagans are: druids, wiccans, hindu, native Americans, neo pagans, lithuan, mormons, celtic, shamans, norse and what not. Draconic Wicca includes worshipping Dragon Deities. More awesomeness!!!

*Dragons are considered powerful:
And magickal knowledge is just that- finding the inner source of power and connecting to it. This is the path of a pagan or a ‘pagan heart’, to be more precise.

*Dragons have different magickal powers: Wings, Breath of fire, scales, red/yellow eyes, spines.
And you will find Pagans with different magickal powers they choose to work on (only if you ‘know’ that magic isn’t all the Hollywoody stuff): herbology, divination, channeling, aromatherapy, energy healing, lunar magick, kitchen witchery, healing arts, crystal healing, scrying, aura reading, meditation & yoga. The possibilities are endless.

*Dragons were sometimes known to represent primal forces of nature.
Basically what each Pagan realizes to be true for humans as well: a limitless source of energy we all are only if we connect to our core and tap into our psyche.

*Dragons are known to be wise
Pagans aren’t arrogant to think themselves to be ‘wiser’ than their Abrahamic counterparts. They are just open to possibilities and are ready to shed off prejudices which is a staple of many organized religions or religious systems (even Pagan covens or institutions could be guilty of a closed mind).

The word ‘dragon’ comes from a Greek verb ‘derkomai’ which means “to see clearly”. A true Pagan wants a clearer understanding of the world, wants to experience the forces of nature instead of being conditioned (by authorities) to fear these forces.

So this blog really is a ‘heart of the dragon’. It’s sort of my working book of shadows + my general musings and learning as I walk more on this path. And I hope each one of you will resonate with and guide me on this journey.

To throw some light on my path: I am a Hindu exploring Wicca and other paths of Paganisms. I am more of an Eclectic Solitary Witch as of now. I am learning on my own and under the guidance of talented teachers from an online Pagan Community. I want to explore Hinduism and other Eastern religions more from knowledgeable teachers (I live in India currently yet all I have around me are self-styled godmen running cults, so my exposure hasn’t been satisfactory as per my curiosity).  A lot of people say “they’ve left the Church and found their heart in Paganism”. Thankfully in my religious upbringing, I have never been forced to believe/follow anything. I wish to explore Abrahamic faiths as well (I believe that hate or prejudice is never part of an actual religion and only inserted by greedy authorities, so I’ll be damn careful to prevent myself from those potholes). I love Islam for the fact that it is such a moon based religion (some scholars claim Allah is a Moon Deity, originally a Pagan God). I love Christianity for the melodious choirs it holds, the beautiful Churches (the wall paintings again being Pagan in origin), Christianity is said to have inculcated so much knowledge from Mystic Religions. The Christian festivals are again all Pagan festivals.
So basically it is a very big journey for me: not just a journey into a specific Pagan faith. The journey is through metaphysics and magick. The road being Paganism. The destination: ME!

I’ll be exploring into Mythology, Folklore, Psychology, Spirituality, Ascension, Theology, Psyche and Subconscious, Science, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Symbolism, Occult, Paranormal: all of this with you in my Passenger’s Seat.

A little primer who is a Pagan after all:
-One who believes in/ works with many deities instead of just one (Polytheism)
-One who recognizes Divine Feminine and ventures into Goddess Spirituality
-One who practices nature based religion
(though I don’t really think that Abrahamics can separate their religion from Nature or Feminine. Nature and Feminine is what gives us birth and keeps us alive! Many evidences prove that Nature and Feminine ware segregated from their faiths over time and wasn’t so originally)
-Most importantly: One who is in search of mystical truths of nature & cosmos. Skeptics will call it pseudoscience. But we know better!

The brightest scientists and thinkers of all times agreed and so do we: Exploring non-physical phenomenon and power of psyche can open new doors for humanity. It will take technology and development to new heights, as emphasized repeatedly by Nikola Tesla and Einstein!

So I keep this blog for this reason: as I drive through the milestones of knowledge, I maintain this blog as my Book Of Shadows and more. For people interested in Metaphysics but not interested in being associated to any religion: You will find as much delight into the contents of this blog as any other. You don’t need to follow any religion to experience the Cosmic Knowledge of this Universe!!

Luna Lune