These 14 Poems On Self Love Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Read Before

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These 14 Poems On Self Love Are Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Read Before

Anvi Doshi


Hello world,

I’ve thought hard on how to capture the essence of ‘self-love’ and pour it out here. I’ve been waiting for inspiration to strike but I still stare at my computer screen, my fingers hovering over the keyboard.

So let me in the meanwhile, tell you about a woman I happened to meet 2 years ago on the Internet. A woman, who just by her breathing words, inspired me to love myself right. Every single day. Every single moment.

Nayirrah Waheed. That’s her name.

But there awaits a storm behind those two words. Behind that one name. A storm that can rip apart all those deadened inner layers. A storm that will open up that singing heart of yours. A hurricane that calls unto the softest bits of you to come out and celebrate. A tornado that opens your eyes to your own beauty. To your own blinding light.

Today, I send out a tiny ode to this powerhouse of a woman. A woman who’s helped me love myself deeper, softer and kinder.

For those of you who’d like to know what self-love looks like, these 14 poems are the perfect beginnings.

May you begin your journey to yourself, sweet soul. Soon. Very soon.

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