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Time for me to get back up to date with blog!

Hello out there my dear followers! I’m very excited about becoming regularly active with this blog again, not to mention hitting the warm summer water in my tail, and of course, adding lots of new material for my mermaidkin (otherkin), incarnated merperson (real spiritual mermaids), along with my fellow mermaidians (those who also enjoy swimming in prosthetic mermaid tails like myself), along with all my intuitive psychic mermaid types as well as those who practice sea magick in all its forms – and of course all therians and otherkin are welcome here too along with the curious, the skeptics, and those desiring to learn more about this. I will be reopening the free mermaid oracle readings again as soon as possible, too!

Love always,

–Mermaid Priestess Sirene

Some New & Exciting To Share!

Hi everyone! This is brand new – and exciting! So I just thought I’d go ahead and share it with everyone. I had heard about the Certified Fairyologist course when it was still selling at its pre-order discount. It was finally released back in April, and then I just finished the course the night before last. It was very enjoyable and I liked every bit of it very much! Use my new Contact The Mermaid Priestess link if you’d like to ask about where to do this course, how much it costs, how difficult it was, how long it took, etc. etc. In fact, I just added the link for being able to contact me earlier today. There’s more about that in the paragraph below the image of my certificate 🙂

So about contacting me… Basically, I’ve taken down the Ask A Question feature in lieu of putting up a link at the top here that says Contact The Mermaid Priestess. It’s essentially the same as sending me and email, except I don’t have to worry about getting spammed with junky sales emails because I don’t have my actual address posted anywhere on here. You can use it to get in contact with me and it will deliver your message to my email inbox instantly, no different than if you’d sent an email directly to my inbox yourself using my email address.

The only thing is, as I mentioned in the previous post and have also warned about this on  in the form on the Contact The Mermaid Priestess page, please don’t use the contact me option to request any type of free readings right now or to send any emails that are just kind of pointless, or three words long or something, lol. I’m so, so, SO busy! And I promise, the Free Mermaid Oracle Readings will return. For now though they’re temporarily disabled so I’m just asking that if you use the contact me form to send a message that you don’t use that to request any sort of free reading. I’ll just discard any messages I get with that in them without any return response. Also, if you want a return response regarding something legitimate, make sure your email address is typed in accurately!

The reason I decided to add this feature just now is that I saw I’ve been getting a lot of messages here on Tumblr, but since I don’t log into this account every single day, it’s not the most reliable way to get in contact with me. But now there is! 🙂

Have a very Mermaid day, everyone!
Ocean blessings ❤

Free Mermaid Oracle Readings Are Temporarily Unavailable Right Now Until Late July of This Year – 2016 😦

Sorry everyone! The Free Mermaid Oracle Readings are temporarily unavailable right now as I’m presently too busy with a course that will be running until July 24th, 2016. After that, they will resume availability until my next course starts in September 2016, at which time, they will be discontinued once again for a couple of months but will then be resumed afterward 🙂 Check back regularly for any new updates on this!

A Question Worth Answering!

Someone recently just asked me in an email, “What powers do mermaids have?” They were referring to real mermaids in the sense of a spiritual mermaid or an Otherkin type mermaid. I thought it was a great question and here was my response to it 🙂

“A modern mermaid would be essentially limited to the same, “powers,” as any type of modern day witch, but would be considered to be a practitioner of ocean magick or may call themselves a sea priestess – indicating that they invoke ocean/sea goddesses/gods and/or elemental energy stemming from the sub-element of ocean/sea. Water would be the greater element type – ocean/sea would the subtype (along with say, for example, someone who invoked the energy of freshwater streams or someone that preferred to work with brackish water type lakes, etc. etc.)… The theme of a mermaid’s spells though might considerably differ on the other hand whereas they wouldn’t be either held to the ethics of a Wiccan, Druid, Satanist, or any of the more majorly recognized types of witches. A Siren, for example, would probably not have ethical boundaries against using antagonistic or attacking spells, including psi vampirism and love spells. A more benign type of mermaid on the other hand might choose to confine themselves to a more, “white,” witchcraft style. And then there are plenty of mermaids that don’t practice any sort of magick at all. So just being a mermaid by default doesn’t necessarily imbue the person with any sort of power, but they’re going to have a higher predisposition for being effective with witchcraft and many will probably have natural psychic ability.”

Thank you to Agnes for asking such a great question!

My Discovery of a GREAT Way to Use Tails… (CHEAP TAIL OPTION)!

Okay, stick with me here as this will sound funny at first, but I discovered that using the Adult Play Tail skin, which doesn’t have a sewn bottom is actually totally fantastic! And this is how… Firstly, you can actually pull it up, put on your fin and pull the fabric back down over it. There’s no need to sew it in… It WILL NOT show your fin AT ALL.This created such a form fitting and beautiful tail that while using it at our local Rec pool, people were awe-struck – I got so many compliments. I eventually got asked if I could be hired to do birthdays. And get this!: An oceanographer happened to be there one day who takes stills of sea life and he asked if I would accompany him to the Philippines in order to have a mermaid in the background shots of a photoset of images in which he’ll be photographing sea life – things like manta rays and stuff! And he offered to pay for my trip entirely… The cost of food, hotel, flight costs – EVERYTHING! (And yes, I have confirmed his identity and he’s actually a real world-renowned oceanographer – I researched all that jazz CAREFULLY before agreeing to jet across the world next summer with a man I just met this past summer at the pool – he was there testing out a new camera to be specific as to why he was at a Rec pool.

THAT is how amazing this tail creation looks! And it’s relatively cheap and amazing for a fabric tail! I chose the, “Blue Light & Shadow,” fabric which is the blue the model is wearing in this photo. It has reflective scales and all kinds of shifting shades of blues throughout it. There are other colors available but I don’t know if they look as fantastic as this particular fabric color does. So anyway, I ended up with a FANTASTIC fabric tail that allows me to use a plethora of different monofins depending on my mood, however, I recommend starting with the Wave Finis Cut Monofin from AquaTails because it’s cheap, it’s powerful and a great design, and it fits under the fabric beautifully. (I use this one the one most, actually). There is also no body shapes that show through at all with this concoction… Particularly I loved how you can’t see the heels coming up through the back at all.. It is form fitting to the body but then just flows like magic!

I highly recommend this! It only costed me about $150 to start with, and then after that you have the option of buying more Play Tails in different colors and also differently cut monofins which make this whole setup extremely adaptable to changing it up to suit your mood. I think it’s very cool and am totally satisfied! I used to want a silicone tail but now I’m hooked on this… So I just thought I’d share it with you all… Also, if you’re into sewing, you could definitely create your own skins to make this design your very own. And if you’re into making or cutting your own fins, this is also another way that you could easily implement this. And then if you decide you’re absolutely sure you want a specific monofin in a specific fabric forever, you could easily stitch the bottom shut. Keeping it open though makes for VERY easy to put on and remove your monofin, as well as very easy to put on your skin… I give this an A+ – who woulda thunk it?!

(This will run you $80 for a medium or large, not including shipping – an adult small is $70)

(This will run you $65 not including shipping, unless you have feet bigger than a size 8, you’ll have to pay $104 – I have to add here that I don’t know if the larger fin will fit entirely under the skin – but since you’d probably be buying a larger skin… Most likely so)

Crystal Cleansing & Healing Space Crystal Spray: Healing the Heart Chakra with Larimar and Kunzite Crystal Energy with Dolphin Spirit Healing Energy

Crystal Cleansing & Healing Space Crystal Spray: Healing the Heart Chakra with Larimar and Kunzite Crystal Energy with Dolphin Spirit Healing Energy


Self-clearing spray; crystal clearing and cleansing spray; heart chakra healing and activation spray; essence of larimar and kunzite energy; with a call to the Dolphin Spirits for healing assistance


-One piece of Larimar

-Three Pieces of Kunzite

-One Crystal Quartz Point

-One Herkimer Diamond

-Two Drops of Archangel Michael Protection Essential Oil

-Two Drops of Archangel Raphael Healing Essential Oil

-Half Fill with Healing Space Spray (Turquoise, Black Coral, and Emerald Gem Essence)

-Half Fill with Crystal Cleanse Spray (Clear Quartz, Kyanite, and Hematite Gem Essence) – leaving space in the top for two more liquid parts

-One Small Amount of Vor-Mag Rosewater Spray (with Larimar and Herkimer Diamond Pieces)

-One Small Amount of Atlantean Record Keeper Sacred Water (Atlantean Record Keeper Gem Essence – made by me over the last blue moon)

-21 Drops of Star Child (Gem Essence) – Gem Elixir Remedy

-21 Drops of The Purple Flame (Gem Essence) – Gem Elixir Remedy

-21 Drops of Kunzite (Gem Essence) – Gem Elixir Remedy

-21 Drops of Dolphin Song (Gem Essence) – Gem Elixir Remedy

-Organic Blend of Rose Water

This idea came from, firstly, making a Larimar and Kunzite gem spray; then deciding to add a gem essence that utilizes and calls on the Dolphin Spirits for assistance in healing; and a way to incorporate the use of the Crystal Cleanse and Healing Space from Justin Moikeha Asar’s

The intention here is specifically for this to be used for clearing the auric field; to activate the healer within and dissolve any fears; to activate the lower and upper heart chakras; as a spray to be used with a seven piece Larimar chakra layout that can be used as a healing chakra body layout; to aid in the ascension process with The Purple Flame; to help overcome any maladjustment issues related to being a Starseed; and to call on the Dolphin Spirits for assistance in the healing process.

I admit it’s a pretty intense mixture with a LOT of ingredients, I know, but I just let my intuition guide me in this as I wanted to create a spray that could be used for Larimar healing body layouts –  and then all of this just came about creatively ❤ And I love the spray… It correctly embodies everything I had hoped for and it’s got a lot of real crystal energy present from the pieces of Kunzite, the Larimar, and the Herkimer Diamond – what strong charge! …Oh and it smells fantastic!

NOTE: You can get the drops of Liquid Crystals, the Healing Space spray, and the Crystal Cleanse spray all from TheLiquidCrystals, the Archangel Essential Oils from Ethereal Light Co., and the Vor-Mag Rose Water and Organic Blend of Rose Water from HeritageStore






the Archangel Michael Protection and Archangel Raphael Healing essential oils


and here:

*If these are out of stock, feel free to replace them with any other Archangel spray from the Ethereal Light store or use any other all natural, organic essential oil that you intuition guides you to use

and the Vor-Mag Rosewater Spray (which is also what I used for the Organic Blend of Rose water) here:

***The last ingredient listed is Atlantean Record Keeper Sacred Water and this ingredient was made by me – I put twelve Atlantean Record Keeper Quartz crystals into purified water and let it sit under the entirety of the full moon from beginning waxing, to fully full, to beginning waning, a 72 hour/three night process, and this also happened to be the most recent Blue Moon we’ve had as well. You can create your own Atlantean Record Keeper Sacred Water by placing an Atlantean Record Keeper Quartz crystal into purified water, and setting it out under the full moon (and sun), for a full three days – be sure to add enough water to make up for the evaporation! I still have some of this sacred water though however and would be willing to sell it if anyone’s interested… If so, please just send me an email at 

Mermaiding In The Winter With My Mermaid Tail Blankie!

This Christmas I’ll be getting the coolest gift ever from my mother! Ever wanted to go Mermaiding in the Winter but couldn’t because the ocean or pool water was too cold, or even in a heated pool, just didn’t want to because you didn’t want to have to get back out into the ice cold air? What’s a mermaid to do?! How about go Mermaiding in bed, snuggled up with a warm blanket and a nice book in front of the fire instead… And now it’s possible with a wearable mermaid tail blanket from Blankie Tails! (

I think this is the greatest idea since, well, swimmable mermaid tails! And I can’t wait to get mine. Each tail is machine washable and made from extra plush, double-sided minky fabric. They come in three colors – Pink & Periwinkle, Purple & Green, and Blue & Aqua. They cost $39 dollars + shipping.

I think this is THE ULTIMATE alternative to Mermaiding during the Winter months, not to mention the ideal way to be a mermaid in your home. I used to wear my swimming tail and fin all the time when I felt like, “being myself,” and that was just plain impractical and uncomfortable. Now I have a completely awesome solution! I can’t wait! I assume I’ll probably end up collecting all the colors, too, and I certainly have to share this on

Oh and I think my favorite part might just be how the feet fit into the bottom of the tail! How snuggly and warm! It puts the Snuggie to shame! Wahoo for Blankie Tails! Mermaid holiday wishes, everyone ❤

My Favorite Crystal Pendulums – That I Own!

These are my crystal pendulums that I own… I love each and every one of these so much! I bought them from – Yes, the prices seem very high but they’re worth it. You definitely get what you pay for which is a far higher quality pendulum which a much greater aesthetic beauty than anything you’ll end up finding on eBay or Etsy.

My Quartz, Pearl, Labradorite, Coral Mother of Pearl and Aqua Aura Mermaid Pendulum

My Quartz, Herkimer Diamond and Aqua Aura Dolphin Pendulum

My Amethyst and Rainbow Moonstone Fairy Pendulum

My Snowflake Obsidian and Blue Lace Agate Whale Pendulum

My Goddess Moon Agate, Mother of Pearl and Scolecite Pendulum

My Charoite Pendulum

The Crystal Oracle: Guidance From The Heart Of The Earth Oracle Cards

I love, love, love this deck as well!
The Crystal Oracle: Guidance From The Heart Of The Earth Oracle Cards by Toni Carmine Salerno – definitely recommend these!

The front of the deck’s box

The back of the deck’s box

The backsides of the cards

The frontsides of the cards

My Shadow Crystal, My Purpose Crystal and My Higher Purpose Crystal

What do crystals have to do with mermaids? SO MUCH! Mermaids are frequently depicted with treasure troves of precious crystals and stones and often pictured wearing lots of lovely crystals, too! Did you know certain crystals are considered mermaid crystals and have mermaid energy? I will write a separate blog on this subject later. In the meantime, after fooling around with the free, automated tools on, it turns out my Shadow Crystal is Morganite, my Purpose Crystal is Charoite, and my Higher Purpose Crystal is Fluorite… I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards by Justin Moikeha Asar and own the deck ❤


Morganite written in Atlantean

Charoite written in Atlantean
*Charoite is pronounced, “cherry-ite” (it’s Russian)

Fluorite written in Atlantean


A picture of Morganite – a form of pink beryl


A picture of Chaorite


A picture of Fluorite


The Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards – I highly recommend this deck!


The backsides of what The Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards look like


The frontsides of what The Liquid Crystal Oracle Cards look like


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