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I have tried to make a concise list of mermaid material that relates to mermaid magick and spirituality as it pertains to the theme and topic of this blog. Unfortunately, there is not a whole ton of media available about mermaids in this context. The two books and oracle decks I have listed below are, in a way, separate parts of what I would consider, “The Mermaid Bible.” Within these books and decks is information on just about every aspect of mermaid spirituality you can imagine. These two oracle card decks are among my favorites out of a large personal collection of dozens of oracle decks with many different themes. I particularly like the work of Lucy Cavendish, and would put the most weight on her specific book on mermaids and deck of cards. With these two items, you will have everything you could possibly need to start out on, or continue, your own journey into the world of mermaid spirituality. If you are specifically interested in mermaiding and swimmable mermaid tails, check out the MerNetwork website, where any questions you may have on this subject will be answered, thoroughly. May the Universe be blessed with Mermaid dreams and Mermaid magick! 



  • Mermaid Magic: Connecting With the Energy of the Ocean and the Healing Power of Water by Lucy Cavendish & Serene Conneeley (Available Here)
  • Mermaids 101: Exploring The Magical Underwater World of The Merpeople by Doreen Virtue (Available Here)



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