8 Ways to Connect with a New Tarot Deck


8 Ways to Connect with a New Tarot Deck

8 Ways To Connect To A New Tarot Deck

Who doesn’t love getting a new Tarot Deck?

If I have a deck on the way I am known to pretty much stalk the Post Person with creepy eyes until it arrives on my doorstep.

There are many ways in which you can get to know your new addition to your collection. So this week for the Tarot Readers Academy – Tarot Cafe I am chatting about my top 8 suggestions on how to connect to your new Tarot deck.

For those who can’t watch the video right now the transcription is below.


  1. Connect to Each Card

I am one to get super excited when I get a new Tarot or Oracle deck, when I do unboxing videos it forces me to take the time to go through each of the cards and consider them. This is a wonderful practice to get to know the deck as a whole and also each card. There are usually hidden gems or your will find something that you love about the way the artist has interpreted the card and meaning.

I adore taking the time to go through each card of my new decks and enjoy that moment of reveal.

  1. Look for Strong Reactions

DisgustThe second way to connect with your Tarot cards is to go through each of the cards and separate out of the deck the cards that you have a strong connection with.  This can be either a ‘I love this!’ reaction or ‘What were you thinking?’ or ‘I don’t like this at all’ reaction. When you have done this for your entire deck take the cards you have in the strong reaction pile and journal and self reflect on why you had that reaction.

This can get you to look at the cards in a new way or unlock a part of your intuition that was not connecting to a card before. This is especially great for cards that you struggle with. Ask that card ‘Why do I struggle with you?’ and see what comes up for you.

  1. Sleep with a Card

You went there didn’t you, get your mind out of the gutter. (I would have gone there too).

For this exercise pick a card before you go to bed and meditate on it for a few moments and then place it under your pillow. Get ready for some interesting dreams and you may find that you link with them subconsciously. Make sure that you have your dream journal next to your bed with a pen ready to take notes when you wake. A tip for remembering your dreams is to make sure that you don’t speak to anyone before you write your dreams down. Just wake up and write. Then share.

Note – This may be a little too much for those of us who are super sensitive to dream energies so if you are very sensitive in your sleep then maybe skip this one or be very careful about what cards you put under your pillow. Maybe leave out putting The Nine of Swords under there for example.

  1. Perform a Ritual

Many of us Witches and Mystics love a good ritual and there is something beautiful about welcoming a new addition to your spiritual toolbox in sacred space.

You can do this simply by charging and cleansing them under the full moon with some of your favorite crystal lovelies. Or you can cast circle and elementally bless the cards and devote them to spiritual work. Whatever works for you.

Ritual is all about intent. When we set our intent about the work that we are going to do with our Tarot Cards we align them with a certain vibration. This can help get them focused on the kind of readings you want to do. Whether that is for Clients, for yourself, shadow work, ancestral work or healing.

  1. Meditate on the Images

This is a really great way to connect with Tarot Decks or specific cards that have images that really draw you in, that inspire you or that hold an energy that you want to bring into your life.

You can meditate for as long as you want on the cards that you pick. It is completely up to you.Natalie Moon

  1. Daily Draws

This is a very popular practice and there is a good reason for it. When we draw a daily Tarot card either in the morning or in the evening we are spending time connecting with the energy of the card and the day. It is a great way to get to know the cards and also to get to know the meaning of the cards. Learning 78 meanings can be a big task and this practice breaks it down a little. It is nice to give yourself the space to learn the cards one at a time, a day at a time.

By drawing a daily Tarot card you can see how maybe an event happened during the day that reminded you of the card. Or the card offered you a forewarning and you were able to avoid unwanted drama. Or the Tarot has given you something to contemplate. It is all valuable when you are connecting to the Tarot and learning the craft.

  1. Go Steady

When you get a new Tarot deck try working with that one exclusively while getting to know the style, how it reads and it’s unique symbolism. This can be just over a few days or a couple of weeks.

Some Tarot readers only have a few decks in their collections and others (like me) have a lot. So see how much time you want to spend with your decks. I know that when I review a Tarot or Oracle deck I like to spend at least 3 weeks getting to know the deck and reading with it before I write my reviews.

If you have a few decks maybe use your new one for your daily draws only and then use your other decks for Client readings.

  1. Interview the Deck

Check out this post for a specially designed Tarot Spread that you can use to get to know your Tarot decks. It is a fun exercise.
Some decks are rather sassy. You have been warned.

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