Tips on how to deal with an over-active Throat Chakra

Tips on how to deal with an over-active Throat Chakra

Did you know that a Chakra is either under-stimulated, balanced or over-stimulated?

When your Throat Chakra is under-stimulated you might feel shy and want to stay quiet, therefore you need to focus and direct energy to that Chakra to remove blockages. On the other hand, if your Chakra is over-stimulated you need to release excess energy, as your gift of gab might be draining the people around you.


A bit about the Throat Chakra . . .

First, what the heck is a Chakra? The word Chakra is derived from Sanskrit, which literally translates to “WHEEL” or “DISK.” In ancient India and now globally, the Chakras are a well accepted system, especially in the spiritual community.

Location: Includes the neck, throat, mouth, thyroid.

Right: Express YOURSELF, speaking your truth and LISTENING without judgement.


How do you know if you or someone you knows has an over-stimulated Throat Chakra? 

Take the quiz to find out! Keep track how many questions you answer “yes” or “no.” Answer honestly!

  1. In a social setting do you (they) monopolize the conversation?
  2. Do you (they) feel the need to be heard, so you (they) talk over others?
  3. Do people cut you (them) off during a conversation?
  4. Do people lose interest in what you (they) have to say?
  5. Do you (they) keep talking even when a person tells you (them) that they need to leave?
  6. What can be said in 5 words, takes you (them) 5 sentences?
  7. Are you (they) often repeating yourself (themselves)?
  8. Are you (they) constantly on the phone or in some form of communication with another person?
  9. Do you (they) wish you could be more creative or do more creative activities?
  10. Do you (they) often lose their voice?
  11. Are you (they) extremely opinionated on everything?
  12. Do you (they) speak without compassion?
  13. Do people find it hard to get a word in edge wise?

If you answered yes to 9 or more of the questions above then you or someone you most likely has an over-active Throat Chakra.

The majority of people who have over-stimulated Throat Chakras are struggling to be heard! You might associate the need to be heard with only an under-stimulated Throat Chakra, but the truth is people who monopolize conversations and talk over others are facing a similar struggle, as the need to talk comes from not being heard.

In order to bring the Chakra back into balance, the root cause of the issue needs to be addressed, perhaps the person isn’t heard at home by their partner or family. The root of the imbalance will vary person to person. Working with a trusted energy healer can be a catalyst for healing and dealing with root of the issue.


Why bother bringing the Throat Chakra into balance? When your Throat Chakra is aligned, you speak your TRUTH in a way that resonates with others and allows you to be heard. Strengthening the Throat Chakra makes relationships less difficult, as you are able to not only be heard, but are also able to hear what other people are saying.

A few tips on how to deal with an over-active Throat Chakra:

1. When a person has an over-active Throat Chakra usually their Sacral Chakra, the power house of creativity, passion and sensuality is under-stimulated. Connecting with the Sacral Chakra through art, doodling, writing or another medium will assist in expressing feelings & emotions that have been bottled up and in return assist with dispersing the excess energy in the Throat Chakra. Allowing your passion, sensuality and creativity to flow is the key in healing this Chakra!

2. One word ORANGE! Wearing the colour orange will assist with bringing a calming energy to an over-stimulated Throat Chakra, as orange is the opposite of blue on the colour wheel and also the colour of the Sacral Chakra. If you are meeting with a person that you feel has an over-active Throat Chakra, you can wear the colour orange to help bring in a calming energy. Also, try connecting with or wearing orange crystals, such as carnelian, amber, peach moonstone, orange calcite.  Eating orange foods also helps!

3. Essential oils connected to the Sacral Chakra like neroli, orange, vanilla can activate your creativity, passion, and sensuality. You can add a few drops of the essential oil that you resonate with to a water base and then add to a spray bottle. Try misting your pillow before you go to bed or simply spray into the air. You can add a few drops into an oil diffuser aswell.

4. Start a journal. Allow yourself to purge all your emotions and feelings onto a blank page. Write as much as you need to. Don’t edit what you are writing, simply write. Create sacred space for yourself to be in the flow and get everything out that you need to. Your journal will become a friend that you can share anything with and in doing so maybe find the answers that you are seeking.

5. Practice active listening.Try to catch yourself when you are over sharing. Give space for your friend, partner or family member to speak and share with you. When you are sharing, try to pause and let the other person share their ideas and input with you. When you follow these tips, you will create a healthy foundation for the most important relationships in your life to bloom.
Love & Blessings,

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