Chakra Healing Art Journey 7 Day Course

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Chakra Healing Art Journey

Every day, for seven days, I’m going to share my Chakra Healing Creative Journal pages from the Rainbow~licious Creative Healing workshop.
And talk more about my experiences and insights as I work my way through my own inner rainbow.

If you haven’t seen the Rainbow~licious Creative Healing Circle Video yet, watch it now:

The journey starts at the root chakra, which is located at the base of your spine.

This is the red part of the rainbow.

Your connection to the earth.

Grounding. Solidity. Survival. Physicality.

The Root Chakra Meditation guides you in bringing healing red light in to balance and strengthen the root chakra.

The Creative Journaling prompts guide you in exploring what is happening in this energy centre, in this part of your body and your life.

This is my Root Chakra Page:

My Root Chakra Creative Journaling

I had a bit of a rough go getting started, as I’ve packed up most of my art supplies.  With the watercolour paints I’d kept out – I couldn’t get a deep enough red.  So I did layers and layers of watery watercolours which ended up, of course, being perfect.

It meant spending more time in the energy of the red, spending more time exploring,spending more time noticing.

Exploring my root centre and working on this page started out as a celebration of the divinity of the body.

Delighting in being a physical being.

Normally, I live in the mental/emotional/spiritual realms.

In doing this exercise I am remembering how good it feels to be fully present in my body, in those times when I actually am fully present in my body.

The Big Realization

And the big realization I had while journaling is that often, when I’m doing things that are good for my body – like nutrition and yoga – the impetus to do that is coming from the mental/emotional/spiritual realms.

Yes, it feels good in my body to do these things but still somehow the mental/emotional/spiritual parts of me are running the show.  Even when it comes to making decisions about my body.

They’re wiling to listen to my body, sometimes.

They’re interested in taking care of my body, most of the time.

But they’re not willing to let my body have equal rights and equal say and voting powers and all of that.

They are definitely in charge.

So that is very interesting to see.

And it’s fascinating to look at what could change if I found a way to make my body be just as in charge, as my emotions and mind and spirit.

It feels like that would re-align my whole life.

And my journaling led me to see – I’d like to find out if that is true.

I’d like to see how it would re-align my life.

So that’s a pretty exciting thing to think about.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the next chakra – the orange part of our rainbow.

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Carrie Anspach,

Carrie Anspach,

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