3 Easy Ways to Heal Your Root Chakra


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  1. Denise
    August 8, 2012

    Let me start by saying that I am thoroughly enjoying your blogs. In fact, I look forward to them. As a Reiki Master practitioner and also an Office Manager for an integrative medical practice, I find so much insight and helpful information both from you and your husband. In fact, I share many of these articles with Dr. Harte, the Medical Director I work for.
    The question I have is about earthing. I live in Massachusetts and we have long cold winters. Would find it very hard to walk barefoot in subzero weather. What do you suggest?? I do it now every chance I get and feel amazing!!

    • Laura Koniver, MD
      August 9, 2012

      HI Denise!!! Thank you SO MUCH for your lovely comment! I know my hubby appreciates it too! I love that you share these articles and please know I appreciate it and am so happy you find them meaningful. I agree, no going barefoot frozen conditions :) Keep those tootsies protected!!! I highly recommend instead staying completely bundled up and just leaning on a tree. Or better yet, if you can take off your gloves and just touch a tree — hold onto a branch — as long as the tree is rooted in the earth and alive it is conducting the same healing anti-inflammatory electrons just as if you were laying on the warm sand near a tropical beach!!! There are also Earthing products you can use inside your home — sheets for your bed so that you can sleep grounded and such. Check out Earthing.com if you are interested in products for inside use! If you read my FREE Earthing Idea Book (downloadable from my website or in my shop!) I write about touching a tree as an alternative for those cold winter months… also working with clay or nice warm salt bath soaks! Thanks so much for your questions… stay in touch! xoxo

  2. Allison Bruno
    August 9, 2012

    Wondering what your thoughts on uterine ablation are from a spiritual perspective. So many women are doing this to get relief from the exhaustion of exsanguination every month. Just curious what your take on it would be!

    • Laura Koniver, MD
      August 9, 2012

      Hi Allison!!! The uterus is the domain of the next Chakra we will be looking at next week — the second chakra, but I’m thrilled that you left a comment and can just say that I can’t be totally for or against any medical intervention because it 100% depends on the person and how they are going to find relief best. My gut feeling is to not take a uterine ablation lightly — so many reach for this instead of giving natural healing a try and reaching for healing through earthing or other natural means — and of course any invasive intervention is risky — so it’s certainly not first line therapy. At the same time, I truly believe that however a person *feels* like they will re-connect to well being is important — so for some peeps that choose to reconnect to well being through surgery — so be it, it’s probably the correct choice for them. Once I decided to have a tonsillectomy I aligned with that being the right choice (knowing there is no right or wrong, just a choice I need to align with) and so this was the way I restored health after chronic tonsil abcess. Spiritually… I think well being awaits. Just how do we choose to align with it. For that we have to go deep and *feel* our way to relief. I would ask every woman who is getting the recommendation to have an ablation to know that there are alternatives, and to only go this route if you know on a very certain, deep level that you feel good about this choice no matter what the outcome. Allison thank you so very much for your thoughtful questions, I loved it! xoxoxo

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