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Basic Rituals
Here is a collection of some of our basic rituals and ceremonies – if you’re looking for simple instructions on how to cast a circle, perform an initiation, or other basic rites, here’s where you’ll find it!

DruidRitual_1500.jpg – Image by Andrew McConnell/Robert Harding World Imagery/Getty Images
Sample Initiation Ritual for a New Seeker
Does your group need an initiation ritual to welcome new members? Try this sample ritual, designed for ceremony within a group. Make adjustments as needed.

Celebrate a Year of Pagan Sabbat Rituals
As the eight Pagan Sabbats pass by, many people like to celebrate with rituals. Here are rituals to try as a group or as a solitary practitioner.

BurningSage_1500.jpg – Image by Chris Gramly/Vetta/Getty Images
5 Ways to Cleanse or Purify a Sacred Space
Many Pagans cleanse or purify a space before ritual work. But how, exactly, do you do that? Learn how, using these five simple techniques.
Beach Ritual Solstice – Image by Religious Images/UIG Universal Images Group/Getty Images
Plan Your Own Pagan Ritual
So you’d like to host a ritual of your own. Great! So where do you begin? Here are a few things to consider when you’re planning a ritual.
Pendulum_1500.jpg – Image © Patti Wigington; Licensed to About.com
Try This Ritual To Consecrate Your Magical Tools
Many Pagans perform a consecration ritual on their magical tools. Use this simple ritual invoking the energies of the four classical elements.

Sun Hand – Image by Libertad Leal Photography/Moment/Getty Images
Use the Power of the Sun to Recharge Your Magical Tools
Sometimes magical tools may seem as though their energy diminishes with use. This simple ritual can be performed at Litha, using the power of the sun.
GroupCircle.jpg – Image by Wendy Ashton/Imagebank/Getty Images
How to Cast a Circle as a Sacred Space
We’ve all read about the idea of casting a circle, but what does it really mean, and how is it done? What is the significance in Pagan ritual?
WomanSolo_1500.jpg – Image by Matt Cardy/Getty News Images
Are You a Solitary Pagan? Try This Self-Dedication Ritual!
If you’re practicing as a solitary, consider this self-dedication ritual as a way of declaring yourself to the deities of your tradition.

Image by Light of Peace/Moment/Getty Images
2016 About Paganism & Wicca Event and Holiday Calendar
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Beginner’s Tips for Getting Started in Paganism
OldBooks.jpg – Image (c) Photographers Choice/Getty Images; Licensed to About.com
13 Books for Beginning Wiccans
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