Untangled Podcasts: for Spiritual Entrepreneurship

Do you crave real and honest conversation? Conversation that isn’t afraid to dive into the darkness or question the old-paradigms? Conversation that explores what it really means to be a soul in a human body in this strange and often confusing world? Then I reckon you’re in the right place.

I’m Alana Helbig, creator of this space. I’m not a healer, an expert, an author or a teacher. I’m just a normal girl with an insatiable curiousity about soul and a passion for podcasting.


A collection of soul stories exploring the lives of women (and men) who have consciously untangled themselves from the shackles of the current paradigms to live a life of truth – their truth. Listen to all the episodes.


A podcast for women who podcast (or who are thinking about starting a podcast). Listen to all the episodes.


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