Energy Archetype Quiz

I took an amazing quiz and I received the following Energy Archetype:


I am my own experiment; I am my own work of art.  – Madonna

Artistic and deeply committed to self-expression (although not limited to traditionally ‘artistic’ fields – they can manifest their unique perspective in anything they do, whether writing, programming or dog training), the Creative lives to know and express themselves on every level; refusing to allow others to define them. The Creative is the very portrait of lust for life; they grab it by the balls, aiming to live full throttle ‘til the end of days, and not die until being completely used up.

Shadow Side

The Creative can be susceptible to loss of focus, and to being so overwhelmed by vision that he or she is paralyzed by the grandeur of it all. They can be swung around by volatile emotions, and fall into depression, drama or self-sabotage. An unbalanced ego can send the Creative’s inner critic out of control: becoming unrealistically demanding, mercilessly criticizing themselves or others, or stroking their ego into blocks.

Potential Challenge Chakras

The Creative can be so ‘high’ on the 7th – 9th chakra energies (being especially fascinated by the symbolism they communicate through) that she can’t function well day to day. This can cause her to always be ‘spaced out’, unable to rest, ping-ponging into her higher chakras, then shooting back down. Be careful not to overwhelm the expressive flow of the 5th chakra, or the empowering energies of the 11th, either of which can easily happen in an effort to compensate for other chakras over-burdened by karmic challenges.

TIPS: Seek to understand your deepest feelings, which reside beneath your mercurial, ego-bound emotions. Cultivate your creative expression—fully explore what this means for you. This doesn’t have to be in the usual forms of expression like painting or writing. Make sure to heal wounds in your 1st or 10th so you can anchor and direct all that creative energy! If you’re experiencing money issues don’t only look to your 2nd chakra, you may be missing the ‘root’ of the problem (hint: head deeper into the 1st chakra, into realms of value and worth, your right to be here).

Self Care: Tap into your sensual aspects (in whatever way this is meaningful to you); also take care to anchor all your creative energy with regular grounding practices. It’s important that you keep your 5th and 6th chakras clear and clean, for expression and identity, so give them special attention. Dancing is a wonderful way to help keep energy flowing!

CORE Chakra: 2ndSvadhisthana

Adjectives: Expressive, Imaginative, Dynamic, Unconventional vs. Hypercritical, Gullible, Fickle, Unstable

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